Summary Edit

The goddess Ydia, She-Who Walks Silently, is a goddess of the same pantheon as Myropides, the Sea God. Her domains are primarily travellers and thieves, but she is also associated with luck, reincarnation and rereading books. As a goddess of travellers, Ydia brings messages between gods, and also between gods and mortals. She is depicted as a young, but white haired human woman, clad in grey and clutching a large tome. On her winged boots she walks as silently on land as on water, and the air too.

Worshippers Edit

Worship of Ydia is common among thieves, spies and other unsavoury folk who rely on luck and charm to make their way, but also among sailors, merchants and other people who travel a lot, praying for guidance and stealth.

Life after Death Edit

Ydia's followers do not go to an afterlife. The stories of their lives are written down in Ydia's Book of Repeating Verses before getting erased from their minds. They are then sendt back for another go at life, as a sentient creature, unless they have displeased their goddess...

Other Gods Edit

In the cult of Lumotar, Ydia is seen as something of a trickster, helping souls who should be punished to avoid divine justice, but they let her hang around because she is charming, lucky and useful.

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