Unlock the advances in order. If the trigger is coin, please pay at least 10% of the price to unlock.




What it does

Paid By

Fool&Purse Cheap Ale 500 Coin Carouse costs -50% Knuckle (500) X
Nurse Joy 1000 Coin Heal one debility in one day
Foreign Envoys 5000 Coin Foreign Envoys tell you what's going on in Faraway Lands, gain +1 when acting on the info
Knotty Bloomers Happy Hour 500 Coin One player can get a unit of alcohol at the start of the session
Evelyn the Minstrel 1000 Coin A Skilled Minstrel Hireling
Spy Ring 5000 Coin Hear rumours from the Spy Ring, gain +1 when acting on the rumours
Library Hard Studyin' 500 Coin Bolster takes 50% less time.
Library Loan 1000 Coin One player can get a free Bag of Books at the start of the session
Loan of Scrolls 5000 Coin At the start of a session, one player can gain one-time use of any spell
Smithy (Kibilnarg) Advanced Techniques 500 Coin -20% to adding tags to weapons and armour Chronsy (500) X
Cheaper Materials 1000 Coin -25% for new weapons and armour Chronsy (1000) X
Magical Techniques 5000 Coin You can add the tags Magical, Planar, or Elemental to your weapon.
Hobse's Mill Cottages for all 500 Coin -20% to building a cottage Hosvir (500) X
Housing Boom 1000 Coin -20% to building a house
Mighty Manors 5000 Coin -20% to building a mansion
Stable Gift Horses 500 Coin Horses cost -50% Corvos (420)
Thunderhooves' Scion 1000 Coin You can choose up to two tags for your horse: Brave, Speedy, Clever, Strong
Rainbow Dashers 5000 Coin You can choose an additional tag for your horse: Magical (describe the effect)
Casino Inside Tip 500 Coin When playing at the casino you can take +1 to your roll once per session. Tailor (500) X
Shelby the Burglar 1000 Coin A Skilled Burglar Hireling
Champers & Checkers 5000 Coin Get +1 to Rubbing Elbows with the Rich Folk (1 time per session)
Town Defenses Cavalry! 500 Coin The militia is more friendly to adventurers. In the city, you can call upon the militia to get +1D4 to Hack&Slash
Drew the Guard 1000 Coin A Skilled Guardsman
Sheriff's Secret Police 5000 Coin Sheriff's Secret Police: hear rumours of dangerous criminals, get +1 when acting on the rumours.
Solomon's Lanterns The Poor and Industrial areas are lit up at night, preventing monsters from hiding in the shadows. X
Bazaar Imports from Faraway Lands 500 Coin The bazaar has rare items! -25% price for Elven and Dwarven items Tailor (500) X
Extra Rare Imports 1000 Coin More rare items become available!
Trade Hub 5000 Coin Get +1 to Workin Folk's Respect (1 time per session)
Church Prayers 500 Coin You get one Divine Intervention, to upgrade from 6- to 7-9 or 7-9 to 10+. Violet (50), Tailor (450) X
Ellery the Cleric 1000 Coin A skilled Cleric hireling
Gods' Smiles 5000 Coin Take +1 level to Commune spells
Apotheracy Free Sample 500 Coin One player can get a free health potion at the start of the adventure Solomon Flamekeeper (500) X
Potent Recipe 1000 Coin Health Potions from the Apotheracy heal 12 HP (tag: potent)
Super Sizes 5000 Coin Super sized health potions (2 uses, cost: 75 coin, tag: supersized)
Alchemist Magic Potions I 500 Coin Magic Potions I
Magic Tonics 1000 Coin Magic Potions II
Skill Tinctures 5000 Coin Magic Potions III
Rare potions Bring in rare ingredients Get 1 use of a rare potion per session
Lumotar Community Centre Pile o' Pamphlets 500 Coin One player can get a free stack of pamphlets at the start of the game to get +1 to Defy Danger with Charisma
Community Classes 1000 Coin Classes: Once per session, you can get +1 EXP after attending a class
Baking Better Bread 5000 Coin Get +1 to Poor Folk's Love and Adoration (1 time per session)
Justicar the Goat Justicar the Goat: You can buy a wheel of Goat Cheese from the Community Centre once per session (2 coin) X
Own House Goin' on Up 500 Coin Add the tag Cozy, Nice or Pleasant to your house. Add an amenity. Personal X
Private Rooms 500 Coin Add an amenity that gives a bonus once per session. Personal X
More Private Rooms 500 Coin Add another amenity Personal X
Goin' Way Up 500 Coin Upgrade Cottage to House (after spending 1500 coins on other upgrades), add another amenity Personal X
Trophies Gain trophies from adventures Trophy: you can boast with your trophy! +1 to Carouse Personal X
Embassy of Dwarves Mountain King's Merchant Do 3 Quests Dwarven Items are -25%! Stacks with Imports from Faraway Lands.
Mountain o' News Do 5 Quests Hear the latest news from the Dwarven Kingdom and gain +1 when acting on the answers.
Dagner the Guard Do 10 Quests An extremely skilled Dwarven Iron Guard Recruit Hireling
Elven Embassy Avreaeir Merchant Do 3 Quests Elven Items are -25%! Stacks with Imports from Faraway Lands.
Elvish Post Do 5 Quests Hear the latest news from the Elven Strifelands and gain +1 when acting on the answers.
Elramira the Diplomat Do 10 Quests An extremely skilled Elven Assassin Diplomat Hireling
Innsmouth Harbour Cheaper Tickets 500 Coin Fares cost 50% less Solomon Flamekeeper (500) X
Boatcrafting 1000 Coin Ships cost 20% less to construct
Advanced Flying Boats 5000 Coin Buy a hot air balloon for 800 coin! The person unlocking this Upgrade gets a free hot air balloon!
The Enterprise Captain Kirk helms the Enterprise along the river up to Griffonmere. He's friendly to adventurers. X
Boat Upgrades Crow's Nest 200 Coin Get an automatic 7-9 on a Perilous Journey Scout Roll Personal
Reinforced Hull 200 Coin Get an automatic 7-9 on a Perilous Journey Navigate Roll Personal
Cold Storage 200 Coin Get an automatic 7-9 on a Perilous Journey Quartermaster Roll Personal
Greybark Orphanage Yes, you can have more 500 Coin The orphans are well-fed. Violet (500) X
Softer Beds 1000 Coin The orphans are well-rested.
Education for the Youth 5000 Coin The orphans receive an education.
Rich People's Favours The orphans have nice things in their lives! Chronsy, Mal X
Greybark Community Garden A nice community garden taken care of by the Andersens and the Rich Folk! Chronsy X

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