When you are swarmed by Esmer’s Swarm of insects, you may take the following move upon level up:

Bees and Wasps

When you call upon the Swarm to help you, Roll +INT, on a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • The Swarm will envelope you, hiding you from plain sight
  • The Swarm will attack your enemies with your class damage+1D4, with tags [Ignore Armor, Close, Near, Reach]
  • The Swarm will carry you elsewhere
  • The Swarm will bring you something useful
  • The Swarm would die for you! Redirect a blow that hit you to the Swarm.

Once you have Bees and Wasps, you may take the following moves:

Buzz, Buzz Edit

You can talk to insects. If you talk to insects while Discerning Realities, you may ask the following questions:

  • What is our enemy like?
  • Where is the person we’re tracking?

Stings like a Moth Edit

You can use a single poison without it being dangerous for you to use. You have grown a poison gland in your body, and can secrete 1 use of your chosen poison and do it again after having rested.

Hive Mind Edit

You’ve shared your mind with the Swarm. You take +1 ongoing against  enthrallments, hypnosis and other forms of mind control.

The Swarmlord is a Greybark Compendium Class.