When you have been seared by the Punkin Flames on Saint’s Day, you may take O’lantern upon leveling up:

  • O’lantern

Your body houses a Punkin Flame, and gives off a faint orange glow at all times. Additionally, when you open your mouth wide and will the flames within you out in a flashlight cone Roll+con. On a 10+ your eerie flames cast a harmful light dealing d6 damage to anything they shine on. On a 7-9 the light is not painful, but still serves to ward weaker creatures away.

Once you have taken O’lantern you may take the following moves upon levelling up:

  • Heedless Zealotry

The Punkins serve madness to the point of shutting out even intense pain. So long as you're pursuing the spread of madness, chaos or insanity in the world you have +1 armor.

  • Servant of Insanity

You feel a constant connection with the mad king’s power and can wield a portion of it as your own. At any time you may tell the GM how the inherent madness of the world bends a task to your benefit and change a failure to a 7-9 or a 7-9 to a 10+. You may not do so again until you sacrifice a great success (a 10+) to the madness in return.

  • Pyrokinesis

Punkins are born of flame, dwell in flame, and thus can exert some command over flame.

When you exert your will over fire, roll+INT. On a 10+, hold 3 On a 7-9, 2. Spend a hold to:

Create fire.

Extinguish a localized body of fire.

Make a nearby body of fire take an action according to your will.

Move a nearby body of fire instantaneously.

  • .

Punkinhead is a Greybark Compendium Class.

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