When you have stood beside the forces of Elondra to stop The Saint from escaping his bonds, you may take the following move upon level up.

Order of the Orchid Knights Edit

A champion of Elondra, she pins her orchid blossom to you, showing you have her favor.  Whenever someone dies in your presence, your words carry great weight with Elondra.  If it is a player character you may choose to intercede on their behalf, and thereby give that player one reroll of any Last Breath move they make.

Once you have taken Order of the Orchid Knights, you may take the following moves upon level up:

Hospitalier of the Orchid

When you grant a merciful death to an enemy, or friend, Elondra smiles upon you.  Gain one hold, to a maximum of three.  Spend hold to:

  • Heal yourself or someone else your base Damage Die
  • Inflict your base Damage Die as a wound, with the tags (Touch, Ignores Armor)
  • Enchant a weapon to be able to make one attack against incorporeal undead

Though My Flesh is Weak

As a champion of Elondra, you know that the forces of life and death surpass the bounds of mere flesh. As your spirit burns bright, your flesh wilts, but that is okay.  You gain 2 armor, as cuts against your flesh are just… not as effective.  Any time you take damage to your flesh that reduces HP, that attack against you gains Messy and you also take Scarred.  The next time you rest, the scars will fade and any lost bits will regrow, mostly.

My Spirit is Willing

When you take a rest and send your spirit into the realm of the dead for answers, you may Spout Lore with WIS instead of INT, at your preference.  On a hit, Spout Lore as normal, and the GM may ask you what the dead have shared.  On a miss, you probably caught the attention of something you were not expecting.

The Orchid Knight is a Greybark Compendium Class.

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