Orc Scout Devious, Group, Stealthy
Bow (d8 damage)
6 HP 1 Armor
Axe (d8 damage)
Close, Throw, Messy

A quiet orc is a rare thing indeed. So rare, in fact, they find that it’s best to stay out of camp, out from underfoot, where they might just be noticed because they ain’t bellowing and smashing things. But even a quiet orc has gotta eat, so they tend to band up when they find another, and form little hunting parties. And sometimes, if they see or hear something of value to the War Chief, they just might try to cash in their intel for food or favor.

Special Qualities: Sneaky

Instinct: To observe and report


  • Slink through the shadows
  • Set upon vulnerable foe
  • Hide from dominant foe

Custom Moves:

Treasure: d8; Orc Scouts tend to have rations scavenged from the local area, mismatched weapons and ammo, and whatever they've found among the dead.

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