Orc BattleRager Large, Solitairy, Terrifying
Fists and Teeth (1d10+3 damage)
Close, Reach, Forceful
16 HP 1 Armor

Orcs love battle as much as the next guy, unless the next guy is a BattleRager. That guy.. that guy is something “special.” The BattleRager just wants to kill whatever is around him. He’ll start with what’s in reach. And then move to the next nearest. He doesn’t care much what it is. Best to stand back a ways; keep a friend or two between you and the rager so you’ll get a little warning.

Here’s the trick - nobody knows who the BattleRager is until he comes into it, til the rage settles on him like an ugly, uncomfortable sweater. Could be any orc you’re dealing with; one moment, you’re negotiating who gets to eat most of the baby, next moment he’s foaming at the mouth, eyes red, nostrils flaring and veins in his temple throbbing, and then he’s bashing your face in.

Special Qualities: Fast(Fast!) Regeneration, Growth, Rage

Instinct: To kill!


  • Shrug off powerful attack
  • Hulk Out!
  • Eschew weapons and armor
  • Attack and be attacked by fellow Orcs, too!

Custom Moves:

Treasure: BattleRagers don't value anything but violence, but they may have dropped something they carried prior to the transformation. Roll previous damage die, or default 1d10

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