Bio Edit

Marius hails from the kingdom across the sea. His brother, Gaius, once traveled as part of a mercenary group that operated in and around the regions that surround Greybark. Gaius returned from his adventures with a beautiful and well-crafted sword, but revealed nothing of his adventures to Marius. One night, Marius woke up in the farmhouse to find himself alone, as Gaius was gone and the two brothers lived by themselves. Venturing out into the night, Marius saw small point of light in the forest that lay around the farm. Making his way to the light, he encountered a beautiful and strange woman who held his brother's sword that now glowed with a soft light. The woman told Marius that his brother had failed her and it was now his turn to take up her cause and be her champion. Marius fell in love with the woman, although the leaves in her hair, the enchanting eyes, and the otherworldly beauty told him that she was no human mortal. She knighted him with the sword and then gave it to him. Placing a kiss upon his brow, he fell into a deep sleep to awaken in the morning with the blade beside him, but no sign of the woman, nor of his brother. Upon visiting and questioning some of the members of his brother's mercenary band, he learned that Gaius had acquired the sword near Greybark village, though none of the mercenaries could quite recall how he had come across it. It was rumored that the weapon was forged from the living metal of Greybark forest. Marius sold his farm and set out across the sea, determined to find the woman and the origin of the blade, and to determine what had become of his brother if he could.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
15 12 16 8 13 9
+1 0 +2 -1 +1 0

HP 26

Damage 1d10


Bonds Edit

  • I have sworn to protect Dennu.
  • I owe Chronsy a great debt which I must repay at all costs.