Magic Potions I
Beauty Cream When you apply the Beauty Cream to your face, take +1 Forward to roll + CHA.
Bull Balm When you massage the Bull Balm into your bulging muscles, take +1 Forward to roll + STR.
Essence of Wind When you spritz the Essence of Wind and pass through its mists, take +1 Forward to roll + DEX.
Iron Gut Oil When you drink down the Iron Gut Oil, take +1 Forward to roll + CON.
Whispered Secrets When you pour the Whispered Secrets into your ears, take +1 Forward to roll + INT.
Sacred Fumes When you breathe in the Sacred Fumes, take +1 Forward to roll + WIS.
Magic Tonics
Tonic of Concealment When you slip out of direct light and drink the Tonic of Concealment, the shadows swallow you.
Tonic of Brightness When you shower in the Tonic of Brightness, you shine like the sun.
Tonic of Boldness When you stand tall and smash the Tonic of Boldness, you have their attention.
Tonic of Birdsong When you sip the Tonic of Birdsong, you can imitate any sound.
Tonic of Feather When you apply Tonic of Feather to your feet, you can jump the height of a storey or two.
Tonic of Amphibian When you down the Tonic of Amphibian, you can swim without worry about breathing.
Skill Tinctures
Earworm Fizz You gain access to Bard's An Ear for Magic (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Ambrosia of Theos You gain access to Cleric's Apotheosis (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Doppelgänger Draught You gain access to Druid's Doppelgänger's Dance (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Deatheye Drops You gain access to Fighter's Through Death's Eyes (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Unstoppable Tea You gain access to Paladin's Indomitable (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Observation Coffee You gain access to Ranger's Observant (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Disguise Whiskey You gain access to Thief's Disguise (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)
Tether Ether You gain access to Wizard's Ethereal Tether (1 time use, lasts 1 hour)