Summary Edit

Lumotar is the Goddess of order and justice. She takes the form of an enormous paladin woman with a booming voice. Her disciples and those sent to her are judged in a grand court of law; those found worthy get to join her Eternal Jury, while those found unworthy are made to do the menial work of making the universe run, spinning atoms and the like.

Her cult is surprisingly flexible and modular when it comes to other deities.

  • Elondra is seen as "Lumotar's Little Sister", the servant who brings the dead to be judged.

Community Centre Edit

Greybark hosts the only Lumotar Community Centre on this side of the ocean. The cult has been surprisingly popular among the general populace, and the community centre has grown. It has its own printing press and a goat, Justicar. Members distribute pamphlets to visitors, and you can also get healing and help there.

Elsewhere Edit

Lumotari cult originates across the sea, in the city of Tirsk.

The cult has started to be propagated in the Elven Empire as part of a pact between Usto and House Avreaeir.