What is Greybark? Edit

Greybark Adventurers' League is an ongoing, evolving campaign of Dungeon World, taking place in and around Greybark Village.

Can I have ____? Edit

To submit a 3rd party playbook or another item, send the content of the playbook and responses to the following three quesitons to

  • Why do you want to include it?
  • What does it add to Greybark?
  • How does it set itself apart from the core materials?

I have a comment, question, compliment or complaint! Edit

Send it to! We love to hear feedback from our players! Alternatively, you can comment in the community here!

Can I join? Edit

If you are over 18, you're welcome to join! Go get a Google+ account, join the community and also get an account on Roll20, which is where we play our games.

I'm under 18 but really mature for my age! Edit

Sorry, but we have to cover our behinds. You're welcome to join the second you turn 18, however!

What are Library Games? Edit

Greybark Pulp Fiction aka Library Games are a series of ongoing non-canon adventurers mostly run by Saara. In them, you can test new character classes and get into crazy adventures that the characters in Greybark Village can read about at Greybark Public Library.

I want a certain plotty thing in the game, how do I go about that? Edit

  1. Write a rumour on the community into the Rumour Mill! We freaking love getting prompts for adventures. A good rumour is succinct and ambiguous, because this is Dungeon World; we find out what happens through play. The rumours can be about locations, NPCs or events. For example, Newmoon Manor was born out of one such rumour.
  2. Make it Persistent! At the end of a session we ask for Persistent Elements from each player. Persistent Elements (or Items) are things you liked about the session and would like to explore more. Persistents shape the world and its inhabitants. We take them into account in new sessions and when making Fronts and Dangers.

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