Summary Edit

Dwarves are a reclusive people living in and around the mountains to the south of Greybark. Surface dwarves worship the Nameless God, while those living in the Mountain worshipped the King of the Mountain Throne - now their allegiance lies with the Deep Queen, recently awoken from her slumber. Some dwarves have monasteries for learning how to control the elements. There are also the Eternal Servants, the religious followers of the Elemental Lords.

Dwarven society is quite brutal and totalitarian; however, things might be changing now that the Deep King's consort, the Deep Queen rules. The Deep King's followers, the Deep Dwarves, want to change things around.

History Edit

Dwarves have waged war on the orcs for a long time. Now the fighting has ceased, but tensions are still high. More recently, the Mountain King Nyn was murdered in a conspiracy by his own heir, and this act caused the Deep Queen to awaken and take her place as the throne.

Iron Guard Edit

Surface Dwarven families each have to tithe a male member to the Iron Guard. They are taken by the Survey Service Schadenfreude to the Artificers, who will make them into living weapons. However, the Iron Guard under the mountain was destroyed with the death of the Mountain King, as the treason caused their kill switch to activate. What remains of the Iron Guard are on the Surface, leaderless and without purpose. For now.

The Artificers have experimented also on children of other races, but their experiments to make better "living weapons" failed. This was called the Foreign Policy, and it ended with the collapse of the Mountain King.