When you dance or swim with the Sinipiika, you may take the following move upon level up:

Water-Logged Beauty

You have gained an ethereal quality, a serene beauty that commands attention.  You always have leverage against anyone who is susceptible to your charm, but when your beauty fails you, something monstrous is revealed.

Once you have taken Water-Logged Beauty, you may take the following moves upon level up:

Waterbreathing Edit

When you are submerged in water, or something similar, Roll +CON. On a hit, you can breathe underneath the waves like it was air for some time. On a miss, you take your class damage as the water floods into your lungs.

Call of the Sea

Water calls to you like a siren. You can always find a source of water, no matter where you are.

Twirling Dance Edit

Your movements are like a dance, beautiful and fluid. When you Defy Danger with +DEX, on a 10+ the danger is caught by surprise at your grace, when applicable.

Hypnotic Allure

When you are alone with an NPC and you fix your will upon them, roll+CHA. On a 10+, hold 2 over them. On a 7-9, hold 1. While you have a hold over them, they cannot act against you, except in self-defence. They can spend one of your hold by:

  • Doing something you tell them to do.
  • Fighting to protect you.
  • Giving you something you want.

The Drowned is a Greybark Compendium Class.

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