Bulette Solitary, Huge, Construct
Bite (d10+5 damage, 3 armor piercing)
Close, Forceful
20 HP 3 Armor
A seasoned caravan guard learns to listen for the calls of a scout or sentry with a keen ear. A few extra seconds after the alarm is raised can mean life or death. Different cries mean different responses, too—a call of “orcs!” means draw your sword and steady for blood but a call of “bandits!” says you might be able to bargain. One alarm from the scouts that always, always means it’s time to pack up, whip your horse and run for the hills? “LAND SHARK!”

Special Qualities:

Instinct: To devour


  • Drag prey into rough tunnels
  • Burst from the earth
  • Swallow whole

Custom Moves: When you strike a blood golem with a melee weapon, roll+STR. On a 10+ you manage to pull your weapon out after striking;on a 7-9 choose one:

  • You pull your weapon out, but put yourself in a spot
  • You leave your weapon in the golem but get away

Treasure: d10+5

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