In Greybark we have a rotating cast of players and GMs, and therefore have no hope or intention of maintaining playbook exclusivity at the table.  If there are two The Wizards at the table, we encourage the players to play to find out how each has their own niche in the world and stake that claim for that session.

Core Playbooks Approved Edit

All of the Core Playbooks are allowed in Greybark Campaign game sessions.  This includes The Barbarian and The Immolator, published by the game authors separately from the rule book.

Third Party Playbooks Edit

Dungeon World is supported by a creative and diverse player base that is constantly creating new playbooks to explore and support new niches and tropes.  This is a great facet of the game and its community.

However, the inclusion of a new playbook requires the GM of any session that playbook is in to be informed and mindful of the details of that playbook, and this translates into time spent out-of-game preparing for the game.  To manage the "homework" this would create, the GMs have determined that no 3rd party playbooks will be used in the regular Greybark Campaign sessions without prior review and approval by the GMs. 

This does not apply to non-canon games - any GM running a non-canon game may decide to allow or prohibit a playbook separately from this process.

Third Party Playbook Review Process Edit

Before you submit a playbook for GM review, you will be required to create and play a character using a core playbook.

To submit a 3rd party playbook send the content of the playbook and responses to the following three quesitons to

  • Why do you want to include it?
  • What does it add to Greybark?
  • How does it set itself apart from the core materials?

A list of reviewed third party playbooks can be found here .

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